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Emma Levene – Owner/Choreographer/Dance Teacher           Emma Clandon - Assistant Choregrapher, Dance Captain

                                                                                                                Principal Dancer                  

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Choreographer Reviews

As choreographer of the company, I bring peace and happiness to the company. We work in a friendly, inclusive environment. My dancers and students have more chances to be noticed due to working in small groups with individual attention. This gives them more opportunities than they would have in bigger classes or companies. This also gives them the chance to bring out their talent and passion for dance and performing. I also like to give everyone a chance to shine. We encourage our dancers to experience different styles of learning. We allow them to interpret the choreography in their own way. This helps them to develop their own dance style. They will also learn the different techniques from our three main dance disciplines in the company: ballet, contemporary, and jazz’.

– Choreographer of Double Twist Dance Troupe

‘Working in Double Twist Dance Troupe is one of the most interesting environments to be in. I am very lucky as the assistant choreographer of the group to work alongside a hardworking choreographer who has a great creative vision for the group. Emma has the ability to push her dancers and get the exact movement quality she is looking for in their dances. The dancers in the company are extremely professional and passionate about their work as we have all worked so hard to persevere and be patient to get the company to where it needs to go. I thank them so much for supporting and giving life to this company’.

– Isobel, assistant choreographer

Performance Reviews

‘I was lucky to see a show. Could have easily been from a West End show. Such talent and energy’!

– Audience member

‘Really enjoyed performing with Double Twist. Emma is such a lovely teacher and so encouraging. Creating a great learning environment. I have definitely grown as a dancer and matured in my performance’.

– Dancer in the Double Twist Dance Company

‘I have known Emma Levene and her company Double Twist Dance from Big Dance Event in Croydon this year. Emma is a very passionate dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher who works hard in what she does and is very committed. I have also been given a chance to even see her and her company Double Twist perform at a Big Dance Bus event in Croydon. They really captivated the audience. I highly recommend booking Emma and her company and join her company as well as the classes. She is a very friendly person and she has a very friendly approach. Her dancers are friendly and dance well together. She likes to inspire others and give them opportunities to perform. She also has a good understanding of her students’ abilities as she helps them the best way she can for them to achieve’.

– Anusha from the Big Dance Bus

‘She is very passionate about her dance career and is very committed and hardworking in what she does. Her company is a great company to train with and I was also given a chance to even seen her and her company perform. Wow! I was gobsmacked! They are so professional and full of perfection. I’m surprised that they are not already performing for TV. VERY IMPRESSED’!

– A friend of the Double Twist Dance Company

Class Reviews

‘Emma’s classes are always really enjoyable. Lovely teacher, great atmosphere. I recommend coming to the class. So worthwhile’.

– Dancer in the Double Twist Dance Troupe who attends our Friday classes

‘The dance classes that are run are first-rate. If you have any children looking for dance classes, give Emma a run’.

– A friend of Double Twist Dance Troupe 

‘Can’t believe Double Twist Dance Troupe has been out there performing, doing workshops, and inspiring people in fun, friendly, and professional ways. The workshop recently was an interesting concept made by Double Twist Dance Troupe special guest Hina Jansari (street dance and Bollywood) who performed at the Olympics with Emma Levene (ballet and contemporary fusion). Hina travelled from Portsmouth as a guest dancer/teacher/choreographer at the fusion workshop with one other guest from London’.

– Dance Euthastic

‘Emma is so passionate and enthusiastic about dance and teaching children the joys of dance’.

– A friend of the Double Twist Dance Company

‘I went to train with Double Twist Dance Troupe not quite knowing what to expect. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time, but most importantly, my body was challenged and my mind was excited by the varying classes and music’.

– Anonymous

‘My daughter has been going to the class for a few months. She always looks forward to going and finds the class fun and varied. There is a good opportunity to learn a full range of dance techniques from ballet to contemporary. Emma works the dancers hard and has high expectations as she works with their potential. My daughter has found the classes pacy and energetic and has certainly been learning a lot’.

– Mother of 10-year-old student Kitty

‘Double Twist Dance Troupe is a new and good company to learn from and to learn from each other. It is fun and you meet new people. The classes are affordable and not too far to get to. I would highly recommend any young person to join the company as they will really enjoy the experience’.

– A relation of the Double Twist Dance Company

‘I love working as a group and working towards something while learning new routines. I like the atmosphere in rehearsals. I would highly recommend other dancers to join Double Twist Dance Troupe as the company is very unique and different to what is out there at the moment. The standard is very high and offers a brilliant way for dancers to gain experience and grow in their dancing and performance skills’.

– Nicole, a professional dancer in the Double Twist Dance Company

‘Emma is a wonderful person and teacher. She makes you work really hard and pushes her dancers out of their comfort zones sometimes. She is really patient and presents a warm atmosphere. Her teaching method is very good and she understands our capabilities as performers. Since being with the company, I have definitely grown in confidence with my improvisation and improved technically too’.

– Emma Clandon, Dance Captain, assistant choreographer of Double Twist Dance Company

‘My daughter really enjoys the dance classes at Double Twist Dance Troupe. It has really helped improve her confidence as well as her dance ability. Also, it’s great that they get the opportunity very early on take part in performances’.

– Parent of Macy, an 8-year-old student from our junior class

‘I came along to Emma’s Monday beginner class and it was really good value for money. She likes to push you and give you a challenge. It’s really great to have a class like this in this area as there’s a big gap in the market. I don’t like going to the gym, so this class is a perfect alternative combining fitness and skill. I’d definitely recommend’.

– A professional performer who attends our Monday beginner class

‘My daughter attended Emma’s junior dance class and she was overly excited. Knowing my daughter, she hardly gets excited over anything. It made me so happy! She is looking forward to her next dance lesson. I was impressed with how the little kids can do splits and learn all the dance techniques. That’s due to Emma’s patience and professionalism’.

– Parent of a 7-year-old student who comes to our junior class

General Review

‘I think that Double Twist Dance Troupe is a really passionate group of dancers who love to dance. I was really pleased to see the innovation and fresh ideas combining the past with the present and future. Excellent dance. Well done, especially to Emma who is always finding new ways to go further’.

– Anonymous

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