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About Us

Double Twist Dance Company

Double Twist Dance is a professional ballet/contemporary/lyrical company based in East London, England. We have been established for more than 4years. It is run and choreographed by head choreographer Emma Levene and assistant choreographer Emma Clandon.

As a company we are unique, different to what is available in the industry. We are not just about style, technique and choreography we also are very expressive, telling a story through our bodies. Our style of dance uses emotion and creates a connection with the audience, the expressive movement is a strong ballet technique with elements of contemporary, lyrical and jazz.

Emma Levene-Director, choreographer, dance teacher

Emma Levene has a strong passion for dancing, singing, performing, teaching, and choreographing. She started her training at a ballet school in Walthamstow in classical ballet,modern, jazz, musical theatre and tap.  After studying GCSE dance at school and doing a BTEC Diploma in dance she was accepted into the highly respected Creative Academy dance college in Slough. Here, she trained in ballet, contemporary, choreography, jazz, and various other styles. To further her training she completed a small dance and musical theatre course in North London.

This gave her the technique and performing ability to work professionally and credits include dancing at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics and Addams Family musical as ancestors and various other musicals. Her other work includes ballet productions such as Beatrix Potter, circus tours, films including 'Fantastic Beasts' and tv programmed like Made in Chelsea, music videos and tv adverts. She has also performed solo and group performances at Hackney Empire and Millfield theatre and Zee Carnivals at Olympia.

Emma's teaching career started as an assistant teacher at a local ballet school and from there has gone on to teach at various dance,  performing arts schools, and primary after-school clubs. She loves to teach dance to students of all ages and from children age 4 to adults. Emma's biggest passion is giving others the chance to pursue their talent in dance and performing arts and looks forward to a long fulfilling career in the arts.

With her biggest passion lying in giving others the chance to pursue their talents, Levene looks forward to a long and fulfilling career in the arts.

Emma Clandon, Assistant Choreographer, dance captain and principal company dancer

Emma Clandon is also trained in all styles of dance and a graduate from the prestigious Laine Theatre Arts which is why she and Levene are able to offer such a wide range of styles for the company. They have a strong passion for dancing, choreographing, and performing.

Am absolute passion for dance and music has informed Emma Clandon's life. From the age of four studying RAD classical ballet produced a joy in her spirit, training in both the UK and Australia at schools such as Ecole Classique School of Classical Ballet in Sydney, as well as taking class whenever her family travelled overseas. Adding a full range of training in other areas of dance, from contemporary to ballroom, filled out her skill set, as very early on Emma knew this was where she wanted her career to be.

Graduating from Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom, where she studied dance, drama and musical theatre, further honed her skills and Emma continues to take professional classes to maintain her standard.

Performing in theatre or on film is a culmination that is the essence of Emma. Being part of an ensemble and savouring every performance fulfils her ambition to strive for perfection. Recently played Victoria in Cats, Teresita in West Side Story and Kitt in Betty Blue Eyes.

We are motivated by inspiring new professional dancers to experience the true buzz that dance provides.

Performances as company include Gofest with Synergy Dance, Emerge Festival, Bangladesh Catering Awards, charity events, Move It and various events.

Double Twist Dance School

Double Twist Dance is also a lyrical contemporary/ballet dance school for people ages 4–17. We have been established for more than 4 years in East London. Our school is run and choreographed by teachers Emma Levene and assitant teacher Emma Clandon. They have been trained in all dance styles, which enables them to offer such an extensive range of styles.

Both women have a strong passion for teaching dance and performing. They are motivated by inspiring new young dancers to experience the true buzz that dancing provides.

Our dance school is truly unique and very different from the mainstream classes that are available out there in our industry at the moment. We are not just about teaching dance styles, techniques, and choreography, which, of course, are all extremely important. We are also committed to developing the ability to tell moving and engaging stories by using our bodies.

Our style of dance uses real emotion, which, in turn, creates an all-inclusive connection with our audiences. We create expressive movements through the strong ballet techniques we use along with elements of contemporary dance and jazz.

Performance opportunities include Rouche kids fashion show, Newham Major Show, charity events, Walthamstow Food and Drinks festival and Wow festivals.

Mission Statement

Double Twist Dance’s main aim is to encourage all types of people to dance. From young ages to adults we train dancers and give them a solid platform to perform and grow by developing strong technique alongside artistic qualities. Giving all our dancers life skills and a healthy mindset preparing them for the dance industry and life as a whole. Dancers gain experience, feedback, fun memories and meet like minded people turning the Double Twist experience into one many cherish for life.